We treat in a Community Setting

  • We have two  large, comfortable rooms with reclining chairs.
  • There is no disrobing, so wear loose comfortable clothes.
  • The collective energy of being treated in a group enhances treatments.
  • Families and friends can come together.
  • We’re allowing treatment times of up to 1 hour due to the pandemic, but you can have us get you up earlier than that if you like. 

Our acupuncturists

have completed the required training and certifications for acupuncturists and are licensed by the state of Rhode Island to practice. Please note: RI’s licensing titles for acupuncturists: “Doctor of Acupuncture” or D.Ac. and “Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine” or DACM, are unique.  In most states our title is simply Licensed Acupuncturist or L.Ac.

We are NOT medical doctors.

Our fees are on a sliding scale between $30 and $50.  You decide what you can afford to pay, no questions asked.  The treatment you receive and the amount of time for treatment will be the same regardless of how much you pay.  We use a sliding scale so that as many people as possible can get as much acupuncture as they need to get and stay better.

For New Patients there is a flat rate of $45 for the first visit.  We will require a $20 booking deposit for the first visit. 

Note to returning patients: our new online scheduler (Jane app) will charge you a $20 deposit the first time you use it to make an appointment in order to get a card on file. After that you will not be required to pay a deposit when you schedule.

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and major credit cards, including cards for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). We encourage you to add a card to your online account to make contactless payments easier. 

We do not bill insurance but would be happy to offer a receipt for your visit so you may submit it directly.

Let us know BEFORE YOU PAY if one of our specials applies to your treatment that day.


We are not offering any specials at this time.

Different people, as well as different conditions,  require different amounts of treatment.

The frequency you choose to come will be based on how you respond to acupuncture and the nature of what you are seeking to change or manage. We can make recommendation based on our experience, but fine tuning how often you come will be something that you will discover for yourself, usually over the initial course of treatment. 

We will work with you to figure out a plan for a specific goal or to manage a condition. Or, if you find it helpful to just come when you need some extra support, that’s fine too.

In general more acute pain and conditions respond to a series of 6 to 15 treatments over the course of several weeks to a month.  For chronic conditions treatments may be weekly, bi-weekly for months or event years! 

Our goal is to make acupuncture affordable enough and available enough so that whatever frequency you need to come is do-able.



Why get acupuncture ?

Acupuncture is a drug free way to address many common and not so common health issues including pain of all kinds (joint, muscle, headaches, cramps, etc.). Many people use acupuncture to relax, feel more energized, and/or to support their immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and endocrine systems.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Usually not much at all. Most people are deeply relaxed and  fall asleep after the pins are placed.

How will you treat my back/hip/shoulder/etc. pain in a recliner?

Most people don’t realize that we DO NOT have to place the needles where the pain or problem is located. For example we can treat back and hip pain using points on the arms and legs.

How does it work/what is it really doing?

This is the million dollar question, the answer is…
We don’t really know, but whether seen as a result of particular chemical/hormonal processes, movement of bio-electricity, vascular excitement, regulation of the central nervous system, connective tissue communication, ‘placebo’ effect, positive thinking or the manifestation of qi, we do know that acupuncture works.

The only way to know if acupuncture will work for a particular person or condition is to try it. 



Providence Community Acupuncture is a most welcome, affordable oasis of relaxation amidst the chaos. I feel better as soon as I walk in most times and always feel good walking out. The acupuncturists are friendly, knowledgeable, intuitive and gentle. I also really enjoy the community atmosphere where everyone in the room is quiet and relaxed. It has helped with pain, muscle tension and anxiety. all you have to do is breathe. – Jean D.

Treat yourself to an appointment during a busy work week. The staff is supremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They greet you by name, and are always aware of your treatment and what you’re working on. It’s also very easy to make/change an appointment. The online system is very convenient whether you’re booking in advance or day of. You simply cannot beat the price structure. – Sarah E.

Most awesome place.  You can relax with the pins as long as you need.  Other people are in the room and it is quiet.  Sliding scale is very reasonable and the staff is excellent.  They put the pins in the same places other acupuncturists did. – Greg B.

Turned to PCA about a month ago in an effort to resolve some lingering pain and stress-related symptoms. I booked 10 visits over three weeks. The fee scale made the course of treatment affordable, and the physical outcome was beyond appreciated! -Tracie J.

This place goes beyond acupuncture.  It tries (and succeeds) at creating a non-judgmental, welcoming environment that is socio and environmentally conscious.  The acupuncturists get straight to the point and didn’t put me through long uncomfortable lectures of what I haven’t tried and why.  After a brief history of my conditions, we came up with a treatment plan that I could work with.  There was no pushing for many different supplements or lectures on grand lifestyle changes.  I found the recliners to be amazingly comfortable and the gentle white noise or soft gong music in the background is a very nice touch. -Raquel O.