Announcing 2018 Occupational Specials

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Every month, we offer unlimited $10 treatments to a certain group of people.  Check out our list of 2018 occupational specials below!

We started doing occupational specials for so many reasons: 1) We love people getting acupuncture.  We love people taking advantage of our specials because it means more people getting acupuncture!  2) Because we want to recognize many of the different kinds of work our patients already contribute to our community.  We see you and we want to say thanks.  3) Our clinic model is based on low cost, high volume treatments, so in order to keep our rates affordable, we always need new people coming through our doors.  We depend on you to get the word out about acupuncture, so use these specials as a way to spread the work to your coworkers, friends, and neighbors!

If you’re new to our clinic, there’s an additional $10 paperwork fee your 1st visit. All your follow up acupuncture throughout the month is just $10 a session! Feel free to use the special that you feel like applies to the work you do.

2018 Occupational Specials

January – Unemployed people, retired people, stay-at-home caregivers, anyone not working for $$$

February – Farmers, landscapers, agricultural workers, gardeners, tree trimmers, grounds crew– anyone who works outside

March – Mental health/behavioral health workers including counselors, social workers, therapists, people working in recovery, peer advocates

April – Stylists, cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, hairdressers, nail techs

May – Members of POCA, the acupuncture cooperative.  Join at

June – Healthcare worker, including home health aides, CNAs, diagnostic imaging workers, EMTS, nurses, doctors, PTs, OTs, massage therapists

July – Ocean workers in the Ocean State: fisherpeople, marine biologists, boat captains, lifeguards.  If you work on the water, this special is for you.

August – WILD CARD: We haven’t decided yet!  Tell us your idea in the comments section below and we will announce this special when it’s time.

September – Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers, school staff and administrators, anyone who works in education

October – Restaurant/Food service workers: cooks, kitchen workers, dishwashers, bartenders, waitstaff, chefs

November – Veterans and active duty military

December – Members of POCA, the acupuncture cooperative.  Join at



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