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Credit Memo

Credit Memo:

Many of  you still have treatment credits on your account from pre-paid punch-card or other specials run in early 2020 or prior. This message is for you. 

Our old scheduler (POCAPoint) allowed us to track treatments that people pre-purchased and added as “credits” to their account via the online scheduler. Our old scheduler would automatically deduct a credit each time you  checked-in at the desk for an appointment.

When we closed temporarily last March for 3 months, all credits  remained 100% in place, frozen in time as it were.  The total number of credits on each of your accounts was imported to our new scheduler program, when we switched to Jane App,  in September 2020. 




Jane App  uses a different system where pre-payment dollar amounts are entered rather than a credit tally. This change has meant we’ve needed to convert old credits into a dollar amounts for each of you. 

Here’s how that works: We look back at how much you paid for your credits and how many of those credits remain. By multiplying the number of remaining credits by the amount you paid for each of those credits, we arrive at a dollar value that we put on your account as a credit-balance. This credit balance can now be used to pay for treatments.



Please note that our prices increased December 1, 2020 with the sliding scale now set at $30 to $50 per treatment and a flat rate of $45 for new patient visits. 

We’re glad to provide each and every person who has a credit-balance a full accounting of how we’ve arrived at your credit-balance amount, just ask us. 

Since the pandemic started we’ve put a hold on running any new specials. Keep an eye out here on our website or our social media for future specials.

Thanks! Hope you see you soon. 


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