December 10th, Human Rights Day

This Year POCA clinics everywhere are celebrating International Human Rights Day on December 10th by partnering with and fundraising for a community organization.  PCA will be raising funds for the George Wiley Center.  The Wiley Center has been organizing people to work together to fight for social justice since 1981, whether that be at the State House or in the face of corporate powers controlling utilities.  They recently hosted a fundraising dinner for a family whose primary breadwinner was taken away by ICE agents and are the home of the HeathCare Revolt movement. They have also been instrumental in ensuring children have adequate meals at school.

Many people in our community have to decide between paying for utilities, food, or healthcare. Many people rely on electricity to keep insulin refrigerated or to power respirators. Children who don’t have food to eat, heat in their homes can’t keep up in school. The work of the Wiley Center is human rights work, and its imperative for the health of the people of Rhode Island.

We will be donating 10% of our income on December 10th to the Wiley Center.  We will also have a donation jar at the clinic before and after the 10th. Come get an acupuncture treatment and a little something to the Wiley Center.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty keeping their heat or power on, or if you’d like to join in the fight contact the Wiley Center at 401 728-5555. Go to the weekly meeting Wednesdays at 6:30PM at 32 East Ave, Pawtucket.

image by (Meredith Stern

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