PCA Turns 10

10th-bdayIt’s our 10th birthday!

That’s right– we have been providing our community with affordable acupuncture for 10 years.  That’s 135,753 treatments (and over 2 million needles!) since we took a risk that many people said would never work out, bought a couple of used recliners, and started offering low cost, high quality acupuncture to our community.

We thought long and hard about how to celebrate and decided that the best gift we could think of was to give back to our community.  We will be donating 10% of our proceeds February 10th to 20th to a local organization doing good work. So make sure to schedule one or more treatments during that time! We would love your suggestions on who to give to– check out the suggestion box when you come in.

When you come in between February 10th and 20th, you are directly contributing to this gift we are giving as part of our gratitude to our communities, and in appreciation to the strength we have together.

To many more years of building community and making a whole lot of acunaps happen!

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