POCA Chops

Every year POCA’s member clinics share their annual treatment numbers.
Last year the clinics of POCA, along with a few other community acupuncture clinics that aren’t currently members, collectively did over 1 MILLION TREATMENTS!!!

This year PCA is happy to report that we did 16,666 of those treatments. It’s about the same number of treatments we did in 2014 as well (and down from the 18,000 we did in 2013 when we had a second clinic in West Warwick.)

We can only imagine that 2016 will bring even more growth. Help be part of that growth- let people know about us.


MONDAYS in FEBRUARY we’ll be doing our 2 for 1 special where existing patients can bring in a new patient for FREE! Just call us to set up your appointments please!


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