Price Change

PCA’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible acupuncture and we hold a clear intention to make it through to the other side of this pandemic. We are incredibly grateful for your support and grateful to be a team so we can continue to provide and expand acupuncture access in our community.


As is true for all of us, the pandemic is requiring us to hunker down and get creative so that we can all come out the other side as safe and healthy as possible. There have been a lot of changes at PCA and we need to let you know of one more: a price increase.


Effective December 1, 2020 treatments will be $30-$50 sliding scale no questions asked. Our New-Patient fee will be a flat rate of $45.


Of the many changes brought about by the pandemic, we have prioritized operating in a way that minimizes risk to our patients, staff, and all those we are connected to, with the goal being able to offer support and treatment for our patients’ health goals

Social distancing and capacity limits inside our clinic mean that we can’t treat as many people at once anymore. Additional time spent on screening and cleaning further impacts how many people can be seen during a shift, as does how many practitioners we have and how many days and hours of appointments we can offer. Having just one punk, as we do right now, means we can’t be open enough hours to lean on the economy of size. We pay the same amount of rent whether we can offer services 3,4 or 7 days per week.

The community acupuncture model one where high volume = low cost; this is how we can offer acupuncture at affordable rates. However with the pandemic the total impact of all of these changes is increased expenses and decreased revenues. With little wiggle room left on our end, our next step is to increase prices. 


 We’ve never asked you to explain your choice of payment amount and never will. We figure that everyone knows best for themselves what they can afford. If this change makes it hard for you to come for treatments please let us know so we can figure something out together.

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