Take Off!!!

Hey! We Did IT- WE MOVED!

We’re officially in our new digs and open for treatments.


Come check it out- PCA’s brand-new-happy-home at

1055 Westminster Street, Providence RI 02903

Same Phone Number- 401-272-2288

Same days and hours of operation.

This could not have happened without the help of many hands pitching in…

Many Many thanks to those who showed up with vans and trucks and cars to move things (more than once). To those who came to hang a door, drill some big holes, hang heaters,  paint, run to the store, bring us food, label things, cut things, put felt on things, put up signs, troubleshoot, donate furniture, and to generally just cheer us on…

Thanks for bearing with us in our last days with a bare-bones clinic down at the old place and to our intrepid crew who kept the light burning and the treatments happening.

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