Thanks to People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture

PCA is proud to be part of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture or POCA.

POCA is a volunteer run organization that helps clinics like ours get started, grow, and expand.

PCA would not exist if not for POCA.

Thank you POCA!

Why acupuncture? Why POCA?

During the month of May each year, POCA clinics and the Punks and staff that run them,  get together for  a membership drive to help support the organization that supports so many of us.

POCA’s mission is to work cooperatively to increase accessibility and availability of affordable group acupuncture treatments.  

POCA provides members with resources to start, grow, maintain and find affordable acupuncture. Over the past two decades, as community acupuncture has expanded across North America and beyond, POCA has been there to support us all. 

We need affordable healthcare even more than ever.

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