!! What do you mean the schedule is full? !!

You may have noticed that our schedule has been super full lately. Sometimes, patients are having to wait a day or two to get the time slot they want. We wanted to apologize for the inconvenience, and to say that the ability for patients to get treatments when they need and are able to do them is one of our most important ongoing goals. If you need a treatment right now, we want you to be able to have one. We’re working on the jam. The schedule should already have more slack in it and will probably have more by Thanksgiving. Thanks for your patience.

But, there’s a few important implications of this development. Some temporarily frustrating implications, but mostly some exciting implications. Some implications which have to do with cooperatives, and YOU! 

Over the next few weeks, stay tuned here and on facebook for a little discussion about hiring community acupuncturists, starting new clinics, revolutionizing acupuncture training, and about a very fun conference/party this coming spring right outside of Providence. At the annual POCAfest, community acupuncture punks, patients and other community members from all over North America will be getting together to make big plans and have big fun right here in Rhode Island.

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