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Why We’re Vaccinated

Lots of people have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.
We've compiled a resource list here to help people get their questions answered.

Lot’s of folks have said they’re worried or unsure about the new vaccines.

There’s also been a lot of mis-information floating around scaring people. We still don’t know everything about COVID and its effects, long term on people who get it. Even if you are not worried about yourself, help protect others by getting vaccinated. 

Here’s why we got vaccinated:

“I was so glad to access the vaccine in February because the pandemic was raging, and working with public and having elderly family members made me want to protect everyone.”-Cris 

“I come into close contact with so many people through my work so it felt right to get vaccinated as soon as I could.”-Tanuja


Check out COVID ACT NOW’s dashboard of up to date info on risk levels and more.

Here’s what has to say about the Delta variant. 



Masks, social distancing, isolation and quarantine are all still very effective tools against the spread of COVID.

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