Althought masking is now optional, we still ask that you reschedule if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms including fever, chills 

with  or without sore throat, cough, head or body aches.

If you have a mild cough or sniffles we ask that you  be community minded and wear a mask or reschedule.

Welcome to Providence Community Acupuncture

You decide what to pay on our sliding scale

$30 - $50 Per Treatment
$45 for First Appointment


appointment times:

Sundays    8:30am – 12:30pm

Mondays    3pm – 6pm

 Tuesdays    9am – 12pm

 Wednesdays    3pm – 6pm

Thursdays    3pm – 6pm


 Saturdays    9am – 1pm


Times listed here are when appointments are available. 
We close  one hour after 
last appointment time.