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“Do you volunteer here?” A new patient asked. “Um, no actually.” 😁 PCA is not a charity or even a non-profit. We are a social business- one with a social bottom line and a mission to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to our community and to provide living wage jobs to our workers.

We count on our community to come in and get treated, and to tell their friends and family about their experience. Without you there is no community. Without you there is no PCA.

Another question we get is, “Are you  students?” Again, “no.”

PCA’s acupuncturists are fully trained and are licensed by the RI Department of Health.

When pressed, it seems that some people can’t imagine how we can provide acupuncture for as little as $15 without being subsidized by grants or student tuition. It works in this way:  we depend on our patient fees to run our business and on word of mouth referrals so that we don’t have to have a large marketing budget.  Feel free to share this.

And with all that said, we are very happy to be starting a pilot program where we will be hosting a POCA Tech student, Jason Protami, as he completes his 3rd year internship hours. Jason will begin interning at PCA starting in September. You may have already seen him working at our front desk a bit in the past few weeks, where he is learning more about reception and business systems, and helping us out too.

Much more information coming soon about Jason’s intern shifts where he’ll be needling under direct supervision with Cris.

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Hope to see you soon!!

Providence Community Acupuncture

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