We Give You Credit

We Give You Credit… and MANY THANKS,

for continuing to support PCA over the past 14 years and especially over the past 6 months. Many of you generously purchased treatments online during the time we were shut down. Many more of you came week after week to our outdoor clinic where we experienced much more shine than rain (it was HOT out there some days.) And now many of you are venturing out cautiously to receive treatments indoors at PCA. 

Here’s what YOU told us you enjoyed about getting treatments outside, aside from the acupuncture: listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, including lots of bird-song, watching clouds floating by, and merciful breezes that cooled us down on those scorchers. We enjoyed being able to keep working, providing care for our community, and as a bonus our garden got more care and watering this year than ever before. 

We’ve still got the fresh air flowing, with a purposeful increase in fresh air ventilation, filtration, and circulation inside. We’re dialing-in how to keep the temperature comfy inside without using our fleece blankets:[Tip!  bring a small, lightweight cover or wear a vest or sweater if you think you’ll get cold. Don’t worry we’ll have the heat on too!]

Safety Check

We’ve been the grateful recipients of a generous heap of appreciation for being open at all during a pandemic, and to you we also say THANK YOU! By adhering to our pandemic protocols outdoors, you gave us the sense that we could take on the project of opening indoors with your full support for all of the needed changes.

We took a break from being outdoors  after Labor Day to get ready to open for indoor treatments. With less than half our crew, this was no small task, and we put into place a long list of changes related to COVID. We are ready to treat you indoors now, and know that by working together, watching out for each other’s well being, we are lowering the risks of transmission.  Here’s a detailed look at all of the changes we’ve made.

Another change you’ve probably noticed is our new scheduler-called Jane! [Tip! bookmark this page for easy reference.]

Jane allows us to do a bunch of new things that help minimize contact between us and all of you. For example, Jane can securely store a credit card, HSA/FSA card, or debit card that you can use when you come for treatments.  There’s a waiting list function where you can let us know your available times and days if you can’t find an appointment that works for you. You can opt in to receive reminder emails or even text messages! (never be late/forget an appointment again!) You can also let us know your reason for scheduling, and complete important forms online before your treatments. 


Credit Memo:

If you have treatment credits on your account from pre-paid punch-card and 5/$65 or 5/$85(Jan.2020) specials we have converted your remaining credits to a dollar amount in Jane. When you come in you can use this credit balance to pay for treatments.

A few folks, who have let us know that they’re not ready to come back for inside treatments yet, have generously shared their remaining treatments with us so that we can make affordable treatments available to others.

Thanks a bunch!

front door

Welcome Back Inside!

Welcome Back Inside

We have always taken the safety and well-being of our patients and staff seriously. We take this very seriously. We are taking care to consider guidelines from RIDOH, the Council of Colleges for Acupuncture, the CDC, and other science based information in our approach to providing treatment during COVID-19 in order to minimize risk. However, given that COVID-19 is still circulating in the population, we acknowledge that there is still risk for both staff and patients . 

For a threat so pervasive, that cannot be seen, there may never be an absolutely fail-proof way of knowing when one actually comes in contact with it. Nevertheless, taking the best precautions, even above and beyond available guidelines, is the extent of what we can do while being open.

While we sincerely look forward to seeing you back in the clinic for treatment, we want to make sure that you come informed. Be sure to check out all of the changes HERE.

For now appointments Indoor Hours are available:

Sundays 9am to Noon

Mondays 3pm to 6pm

Tuesdays 9am to Noon

We’re hoping to add more hours and possibly another day but we’ll need to see what kind of demand there is first. 

Corona is the Virus, Capitalism is the Crisis

As part of POCA, the international co-operative of community acupuncture clinics, Providence Community Acupuncture helped write the following statement.

Corona is the Virus- Capitalism is the Crisis

As so many have said before us, we are living in unprecedented times.  COVID-19 is ravaging so many communities, disproportionately impacting the most marginalized among us.  Many POCA clinics are closed right now, some remain open.  We are living in a global pandemic during a time of extreme inequality and a system that continues to prioritize the profit of the few over the health and wellbeing of the many: this affects all of us and some of us are feeling it more than ever.  We know the difficult decisions our clinics are making about whether to be open or closed right now are rooted in the dilemmas that capitalism creates for us, the lack of social safety nets, and the terror we all have about supporting ourselves and our families during this new normal.

We want to acknowledge the differential impact this crisis is having on marginalized communities, especially Black, Indigenous and People Of Color communities, houseless folks, people locked up in prisons, jails, and detention centers, people facing violence in their homes, frontline workers who are already underpaid, underprotected, undervalued (i.e. janitors, grocery store workers, postal workers, warehouse workers, nursing home workers, etc). The disparity and oppression we see right now has been going on for centuries but is spotlighted in grim detail in this moment.