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Hellos & a Goodbye

Welcome back to Ana and Keyanna

We have two new faces around PCA recently. 

We’re actually re-welcoming Ana back since she is returning to PCA after a long absence. Ana will be working Tuesday mornings from 9 to Noon starting 8/17. Accompanying Ana on Tuesday mornings (and on Monday evenings with Cris) is our newest support staff, Keyanna!

Please give Keyanna and Ana a big welcome the next time you’re in on a Monday or Tuesday. 


We also have a goodbye... 🙁

We’re saying farewell to Tanuja mid-August but glad that Tanuja’s skills and caring will become part of Lifesapan’s  Lifestyle Medicine Center. Tanuja’s last day is 8/18.

A huge thank you to Tanuja for helping to keep PCA running during the pandemic and for all the care provided to our community.

We will miss Tanuja.

Tanuja will miss everyone! 


You may have noticed our student assistants Jake and Lauren working with us on Saturdays. They will continue their work with us through the Fall. Yay!!!

Cris will continue to work Wednesdays solo, and is adding Saturdays as of 8/21. We have another acupuncturist lined up to begin in September and we'll share more once we get closer to her start date...

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Why We’re Vaccinated

Lots of people have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.
We've compiled a resource list here to help people get their questions answered.

Lot’s of folks have said they’re worried or unsure about the new vaccines.

There’s also been a lot of mis-information floating around scaring people. We still don’t know everything about COVID and its effects, long term on people who get it. Even if you are not worried about yourself, help protect others by getting vaccinated. 

Here’s why we got vaccinated:

“I was so glad to access the vaccine in February because the pandemic was raging, and working with public and having elderly family members made me want to protect everyone.”-Cris 

“I come into close contact with so many people through my work so it felt right to get vaccinated as soon as I could.”-Tanuja


Check out COVID ACT NOW’s dashboard of up to date info on risk levels and more.

Here’s what has to say about the Delta variant. 



Masks, social distancing, isolation and quarantine are all still very effective tools against the spread of COVID.


Mask Update

Delta Variant

As a medical facility, we are very concerned for your health. While we recognize that many people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the Rhode Island Department of Health continues to require masks in healthcare settings, even for vaccinated people. Unvaccinated people with compromised immune systems or other reasons for not being vaccinated also come to PCA, and it’s our job to help keep everyone healthy. We are continuing to require masks when you enter PCA and the entire time you are here for treatment, without exceptions.

We are also paying attention to the Delta variant of COVID-19. Though full vaccinated people are thought to have protection against Delta variant, it is much more highly contagious than previous variants of the virus amongst unvaccinated people. This is spurring on new cases and looking like a 4th surge may bring us into the Fall. 

Since Delta variant is the most quickly spreading variant in the United  States, we want you to be aware its symptom profile is slightly different than the original virus. It’s reported that cough, fever and loss of smell are less common. More common symptoms of the Delta variant are headache, sore throat, runny nose, digestive upset (nausea, diarrhea) and fever.

If you’re sick or have a cold of any severity, or any symptoms mentioned above, we need you to reschedule your appointment for at least 10 days after you started having symptoms or until you get a confirmed negative result on a PCR (not rapid)  COVID test. Follow this link for guidelines from RIDOH:

 If it’s more than 12 hours before your appointment, you can cancel online.   If it’s less than 12 hours, give us a call and leave a voice message.

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Help Wanted

Looking for part-time work?

We’re looking for the right person to help out with reception, patient check-in and screening, light cleaning, and responding to patient related questions.  You should be detail oriented, organized, like to work with the public and in a collaborative environment. Work is face paced, but fun and rewarding. 
Email inquiries only- you will find our contact info on this website. Send a resume or describe relevant work experience. Looking for part-time help only. Spanish language skills are a big plus.