More Paws

Time for More Paws

Covid numbers in RI just aren’t very good right now so we’re going to take another short pause the week following Christmas and we’ll be back on Sunday January 3rd. 

If you had an appointment scheduled for December 27, 28, 29, or 30, we’ve either already rescheduled you or sent you an email letting you know about this change. 

We’ve built the schedule out through March so feel free to book yourself in there including the first week of the new year. 


It’s going to be a very different holiday season this year for everyone and many people are coping with the unwelcome changes by getting creative and thinking up fun and new ways to connect with loved ones. 

All the COVID experts are urging us to stay home and to stay apart from those not in our immediate households. 

It can be so hard to do this  but the longer range goal is to stop COVID spreading so fast and far. And that is a gift we can all use this year. 

Let’s take care of each other.




Price Change

PCA’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible acupuncture and we hold a clear intention to make it through to the other side of this pandemic. We are incredibly grateful for your support and grateful to be a team so we can continue to provide and expand acupuncture access in our community.


As is true for all of us, the pandemic is requiring us to hunker down and get creative so that we can all come out the other side as safe and healthy as possible. There have been a lot of changes at PCA and we need to let you know of one more: a price increase.


Effective December 1, 2020 treatments will be $30-$50 sliding scale no questions asked. Our New-Patient fee will be a flat rate of $45.


Of the many changes brought about by the pandemic, we have prioritized operating in a way that minimizes risk to our patients, staff, and all those we are connected to, with the goal being able to offer support and treatment for our patients’ health goals

Social distancing and capacity limits inside our clinic mean that we can’t treat as many people at once anymore. Additional time spent on screening and cleaning further impacts how many people can be seen during a shift, as does how many practitioners we have and how many days and hours of appointments we can offer. Having just one punk, as we do right now, means we can’t be open enough hours to lean on the economy of size. We pay the same amount of rent whether we can offer services 3,4 or 7 days per week.

The community acupuncture model one where high volume = low cost; this is how we can offer acupuncture at affordable rates. However with the pandemic the total impact of all of these changes is increased expenses and decreased revenues. With little wiggle room left on our end, our next step is to increase prices. 


 We’ve never asked you to explain your choice of payment amount and never will. We figure that everyone knows best for themselves what they can afford. If this change makes it hard for you to come for treatments please let us know so we can figure something out together.

letter P

Mind Your Ps

P is for Pandemic

Given the current rates of  community transmission of COVID-19 here in RI, it is expected that over the next 6 weeks (’til the end of Dec.) case numbers and hospitalizations will continue to rise. 

Our hospitals and health-care workers are on course to be completely overwhelmed, and unlike the Spring where more isolated surges allowed for healthcare workers to travel from less affected to more affected areas, right now most states are experiencing rapid rise in case numbers. Healthcare professionals are leaving their jobs because they are so overwhelmed. 

This is why we are asking everyone to take care to minimize all contact with people from outside their immediate households, and to stay vigilant with the easy and effective measure of wearing masks when around others who are from outside their household, both indoors and out. 

P is For Pause

From  11/19  to 12/13 the Governor has declared that:
The social gathering limit is now ONE household (regardless of size). Anyone traveling outside of RI for Thanksgiving must get tested before/after AND ALSO quarantine for 2 wks after return. Visit RE-OPENING RI’s info page about the pause HERE.
From 11/30 to 12/13:
All bars and bar areas will be closed. Indoor restaurant capacity will drop to 33%, and only people from the same household can sit at the same table indoors. 
By 12/13, if Covid stats have not improved, RI may go into a state-wide stay-at-home order. 

P is for Precautions

PCA has decided to temporarily close to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

We will be closed the week following Thanksgiving and will return to regular operations on Sunday 12/6. 

All appointments from 11/29, 11/30, 12/1, and 12/2 have been rescheduled.

please note: as a healthcare business we are permitted to operate during the pause. 


Check out this podcast about indoor air quality measures and how to mitigate the spread of air-born pathogens. 
In The Bubble- TOOLKIT: How to Stay Safe In COVID Winter


Just In Time

We’ve noticed lately an uptick in late cancellations or just plain no-shows for appointments. 

Our business depends on being able to offer every available spot to our community, and receiving the income from filling those spots and providing treatments. 

We simply cannot absorb the impact of people reserving a spot and then forgetting to come. Late cancelations also impact others being able to find available appointment times. 

We understand things come up, but we have a policy in place that helps make it possible for us to be here providing affordable care in our community. 


Please try to  arrive on time, and call or use the online scheduler to let us know in advance if you know you aren’t going to be able to keep your appointment.  And please respect our policy when you cancel with short notice or forget your appointment all together. Also… please don’t give our front desk staff a hard time; it’s not their job to waive fees, it’s their job to help keep things running smoothly and to help folks get screened, and checked-in for treatment. 

Same day appointments are often available!

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy at PCA. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, or miss without notice, there is a $20 fee. 

 We always take emergencies into consideration and of course we cannot have anyone who is sick or has concerns about exposure to COVID-19 come in. 

Help us continue to make affordable acupuncture a reality for our community by taking responsibility for your scheduled appointments! Thank you for your support of PCA. ❤️