Instead of funding prisons, let's fund real change for people.

Check out the amazing and ongoing work of local organizations like RICARESPROTECT FAMILIES FIRST and SUBSTANCE USE POLICY EDUCATION AND RECOVERY Political Action Committee (SUPER PAC) providing support, education, resources, and advocacy to help destigmatize, decriminalize, defelon-ize substance use issues and to help end the war on drugs and all the negative impacts it has on individuals, their families and communities. 

Protecting children and families means ending the war on drugs.

Drug policies should be designed to keep families intact, safe, and healthy. For decades we’ve funded a war on drugs that has done just the opposite. Protect Families First works to raise awareness about how the ideologies and policies driving the war on drugs are ruining the lives of young people and destroying communities. We advocate for more just, sensible, and humane drug policies that are informed by science, promote public health, and protect families first. 

All of our Programs are designed to increase Recovery Capital. We view Recovery Capital as all things internal and external that are necessary to sustain an individuals recovery, guiding them into a life of wellness.

We work with people that are new to recovery to identify issues impacting their recovery. We scour the news to keep up with trends and data that inform us about historical and potential future barriers

Keep up to date with SUPER PAC RI’s Facebook page and learn more about proposed legislation and policy changes around the US and abroad, and how you can be a part of making these changes happen. 





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