Free Acupuncture July 4th

Free Acupuncture July 4th from 9am to 1pm. Come celebrate our interdependence!!! Here’s how it’ll work
*First come first served.
*When you arrive, we’ll put your name on a list and ask you to sign a consent form.
*We can treat 21 people at a time. Treatment will last about 40 mins per group.
*When you sign up, staff will tell you what group you’re in and approx. what time your tx will start.
*Since our waiting room has limited seating capacity, please feel free to wait outside, take a short walk, or go get a coffee until your group is called.
*Staff will call each group to assemble and check names off the list, about 5 minutes before the group goes into the treatment rooms.  If you aren’t here when your group is called, your spot may be given to someone else and your name may be moved to the end of the list.
*People in the last group must be here no later than 1 pm.
*In the treatment rooms: please turn off your phone, pick a recliner chair, sit on top of the chair cover, remove shoes & socks, roll pants legs up to knees and sleeves up to elbows. Sit back and relax! Acupuncturists will start your treatment shortly.
*Please remember that the treatment room is a quiet area and others may be napping.

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