Help Us Plan POCA Fest 2013 in Rhode Island

Here’s most of the staff of PCA at our last meeting. Even though we have his much fun we actually get a lot done.  And, when we get together with people from other clinics for POCA events, the getting-things-done and the fun are only magnified.
In fact, there’s a meeting coming up which you should consider attending. It’s the meeting of our POCA Northeast Regional node (folks from clinics all over New England).
We’ll be getting together at PCA at 4:00 pm on Saturday, January 12 to really get the planning going for POCAFest 2013, which will take place in N. Scituate May 31 through June 2. If you love community acupuncture, affordable healthcare, cooperative action, local business and/or just having fun with a wonderful group of people, come to the meeting and get involved. Feel free to call or email the clinic with questions.

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