July Outdoor Clinics!!!

We're Excited to Be Welcoming Back Community for Affordable Acupuncture Treatments.

We've Missed You.

Along with feeling excited to be back, we are also feeling cautious, sad, and angry about what lies ahead, the colossal government mismanagement and neglect of the COVID crisis, and the many lives that have been lost. The pandemic has changed how we do a lot of things around the clinic. Like so many small businesses, we are hopeful that in meeting that challenge we can weather this time and continue to do what we love and serve our community.  

 Differences in health outcomes and health-care access have been directly correlated with race and economic status in the United States. In other words if your poor and/or Black and/or brown, you’re more likely to die from a medical condition (including COVID-19) than if you are white and have access to disproportionate resources. We aren’t going to fix the underlying and foundational racism and culture of white supremacy that this nation is founded on with acupuncture needles and cotton balls. So we must  address this inequality, and the violence it perpetrates by being in solidarity with  Movement for Black Lives, by examining our own biases, by dismantling the framework of anti-Blackness and racism that has plagued our country for several hundred years longer than the Corona Virus. We hope that community acupuncture, and PCA, can play a supportive role for all of those who have been advocating for and fighting this fight for so long. We thank you! 


 “No one is free, until we are all free…” Dr. MLK once said.


For the month of July we will have appointments Sundays and Tuesdays 9a.m. to 12p.m. and Mondays 4p.m. to 7p.m.

We realize that many of our patients are not ready to come back yet, whether due to more vulnerable health status, loss of job, illness, and increased responsibilities that have emerged because of the pandemic (e.g.. no child care, limited public transportation, needing to take extra steps to address basic needs like food shopping, etc.) 

Because we have limited appointment times, we are asking that people cancel with at least 24 hours notice and arrive on time. We want everyone who wants to get a treatment to be able to. We also really want to be able to smoothly treat all of you who come to the outdoor clinics. 

So as a reminder of the new steps and policies that we’re following, please click on the button below to read in detail about our outdoor clinic systems. 


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