Oct. is POCA Membership Drive. Why should I join?

PCA is a proud member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a multi-stakeholder cooperative of patients, workers, community organizations and friends. POCA is made of, by and for YOU! It is the only acupuncture organization that actively involves patients as members. There are currently 1066 patient/community members from 183 clinics around the US, Canada and beyond! You all know how amazing acupuncture is, now you can help others to join in the healing, good work and fun!

  • POCA aims to create and support community acupuncture clinics all around the world to bring more affordable acupuncture to more patient communities and create sustainable jobs for clinic workers.
  • Through our member-supported micro-loan program, we have helped fund 4 clinics to start-up or expand, the first of which is already busy providing enough treatments to create a job for a second punk!
  • Our new technical acupuncture school, POCAtech,  just opened in Portland and will train community acupuncturists of the future (clinics all around the country need qualified employees!)

By joining POCA (or renewing your current annual membership), you become part of a movement for affordable healthcare and reclaimed economies. You can join here or come by the clinic any day in Oct and we’ll help you.

You’ll get 3 free treatments to share with other new patients at PCA or any other POCA clinic. (great for relatives and friends in other areas) and a free treatment for your birthday. You can join anytime but don’t wait! All month in November, PCA will be offering a “2 for 1” special for POCA members to bring a new patient for free! So c’mon and join us!


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