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Hopefully, you already know about and have visited pocacoop.com. But, you may not know about our new project, POCA TV.  POCA TV is an amazing new resource for patients, punks, clinic owners, and maybe most importantly, potential POCA Tech students. As community acupuncture founder, LIsa Rohleder says in this blog post introducing POCA TV:

“So this is what we’re trying to do with each other: as acupuncture patients, we’re trying to ensure a stable, reliable supply of affordable acupuncture for ourselves and everyone we care about; and for acupuncturists, we’re trying to build a collective patient base that is big enough to support all of us to make a living.

“A stable, reliable supply of affordable acupuncture means well-trained punks in well-organized clinics. Wouldn’t an easily accessible source of training videos be a godsend in training punks? I am always amazed at how many people get POCA clinics going right after graduating from school, often without the benefit of being around any other acupuncturists to help them learn how to do acupuncture.

“And if we’re building a shared patient base, wouldn’t it be great to make videos that would appeal to our shared patients? Not to mention those shared patients who are prospective POCA Tech students; what better screening than to ask them to watch the Punk Skills channel? Yes, acupuncture is fascinating; but this is what goes into providing it.”


Many people ask me, “Korben, how do you manage to look so good?” Well, it’s just the fabulous, teale POCA t-shirt I’m wearing. Ever wonder how to order those shirts or other POCA merchandise? Help us replicate and visit this page on pocacoop.com, where you can find shirts,, books, tote bags, etc.


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