Still Hanging In There!

MANY, MANY, MANY THANKS to everyone who has made contact with our State legislators voicing support for
H5770 with Sub A.

Since last week over 30 emails have been sent to members of the House Health Education and Welfare (HEW) committee that will need to bring this bill up for consideration if we are going to have a chance of seeing this bill on the Governor’s desk for signing this year. We also had some great letters of support for this bill when as it made its way through the State Senate earlier in the legislative session.

We ARE NOT GIVING UP and we intend to keep up the momentum until the gavel comes down at the end of the session sometime in the next couple of weeks.

To support this effort here are a few ACTION ITEMS:

Contact The Honorable Joseph M. McNamara, Chairman HEW      

Cranston, Warwick District 19



23 Howie Avenue Warwick, RI 02888

If you only make one call or send one email that’s fine! Chairman McNamara is the most important person to contact about this legislation.

Representative David Bennett (our bill sponsor)

Cranston, Warwick District 20



27 Shippee Avenue

Warwick, RI 02886

House Whip Jay Edwards Portsmouth, Tiverton District 70

and Representative Joe Solomon Warwick District 22


Here are some KEY POINTS:

State the bill number you are contacting them about: H5570 with substitute amendment. 

State your position (support, strongly support, etc.) and if you live in their district include that info.

CC or BCC us too!  providencecommunityacupuncture@gmail.com so we can keep track of how many supporters we have




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