Please join our cooperative. Help build affordable natural medicine and jobs for acupunks.

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PCA is part of a a cooperative of community acupuncture clinics and patients and punks, called the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA).

This month, clinics like ours want to help POCA add about a thousand new members so that we can continue creating more community acupuncture clinics and jobs. We invite and encourage you to join POCA, to be part of this exciting movement, and to enjoy some of the great benefits of membership.

Even just 300 new patient memberships- or 1.2 new memberships per clinic will provide enough money ($7,500) to make a second POCA micro-loan available for the start-up of a new clinic.

Below is more information about the cooperative, it’s accomplishments and goals, the benefits of membership, and how to sign up. But, if you’re ready to become a member, thank you. You can go right to the POCA website which will walk you through a simple registration.

Who is POCA?

POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative, where the different stakeholders are
patients or community members
acupunks and acu students
clinics (Look at the list of clinics here!!!)
allied organizations

What is POCA getting done

1) made a $7,500 microloan to help open a brand new clinic.
2) raised $36K towards opening POCA Tech, the Coop’s own affordable training institute for community acupuncturists.
3) held a smashingly successful POCA Fest I in San Francisco, and will hold POCA Fest II in Rhode Island this spring.
4) holds regular meetings around the country to discuss regional needs and to build a broader web of support.
5)activated member volunteers to provided hands on support at POCA clinics.
6)signed up over 1000 members

How to Become a Member

Go to and follow directions, or sign up at the clinic with help from a volunteer on Wednesdays or Sundays this month.

Benefits of Membership…

include one free treatment the week of your birthday, 3 coupons to give a free referral for a treatment to a new patient-good at any POCA clinic, waived new patient fees at all POCA clinics. Members also receive the POCA monthly newsletter, “Sticking Together.”
All members can log into to read the forums and are encouraged to participate in discussions there and on the POCA blog-“Prick, Prod, and Provoke.”
Lastly, all members have the opportunity to share their time and talents with their coop by volunteering for POCA coop.

We hope you’ll consider joining, and that we’ll see you soon.

The folks at Providence Community Acupuncture

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