April = TEN DOLLAR SPECIAL for performers and artists

Extraordinary Rendition Band throwing down in the west end.

We appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing nearly all the time, and want to thank you the best way we can, by making your acupuncture, hopefully, even a little bit more affordable. In May, in honor of May Day, in addition to a POCA member special, we’ll invite laborers of all kinds in for a 10 dollar treatment special. Stay tuned for more on that.

This month, April that is, the first full month of spring, we’ll run our first special of this kind for those whose work is in performance and the arts. Come on in and get ten dollar treatments all month. Open up that voice, those forearms and hands. Let us use the “hundred convergences” point at the crown of your head and “raise the clear yang” into your cobwebby, winter mind.

Lots of our patients leave the building singing. Who knows what the Dragon leaning over Parsonage and South will be hearing in April?

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