January Special: 5 treatments for $85!

5 treatments for $85: packages on sale all this month!

Celebrate the new year by stocking up on reduced-price credits for acupuncture treatments and commit to regular acunaps in 2020!

Limit 2 packages per person.

Acupuncture works best when you come regularly. The “dosing” is based on how often you come in: in general, we recommend coming more frequently for acute or severe conditions.   Check in with us next time you come in if you aren’t sure how often you should be coming for treatment based on your symptoms and goals.

We will be open regular hours on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 20th.

It’s Cold & Flu Season: should you come in for acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be helpful to build immunity during cold and flu season and we’d love to help you feel better!

We recommend you come for treatment if you have a runny nose, sneezing, or a mild cough with no fever.

Please stay home if you have a fever, as this is when you are most contagious to others and best for your body to rest with home remedies.

If you are coughing or sneezing, please do so into your elbows and wash your hands frequently.

Help us help you get better and keep the clinic safe for everyone this time of year!

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Tues 12/3 opening at 11am!

Due to the predicted snowy weather overnight and into tomorrow, we will be delaying opening by 2 hours. We’ll be here after that seeing folks until the usual 7pm last appointment time. Call us to make an appointment 401*272*2288
Stay safe and enjoy what magic the snow makes!

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Photo by Michiel Alleman on Pexels.com

New Sliding Scale: $20-$40 effective 1/1/2020

PCA is raising our prices, effective January 1st, 2020.

New sliding scale of $20-$40 per treatment.

As always, no questions asked or verification needed, you decide what you can afford.  Our $10 new patient fee still applies.

In 14 years of doing business, we have never raised our prices, but almost all of our operating costs have gone up: utilities, acupuncture needles, insurances, trash, credit card fees, plowing, repairs, payroll services, licensing, etc., etc..  This doesn’t even include the dramatic increase in cost of living since we opened in 2006 and the need to raise our staff’s salaries to keep pace with a living wage.  

We thank all of you for many years of incredible community building, and plan on sticking around for many more as a reliable, 7-day-a-week, effective, cozy and welcoming part of your healthcare and community.  We are a social business, which means our goal is to generate community benefit rather than financial gain. While we operate like a non-profit in many ways, we aren’t actually one and don’t get grants. We are entirely funded by patient fees. We rely on our low cost, high volume model of care to remain open and able to pay our bills and staff while providing effective, individualized, affordable, reliable acupuncture treatments. We also rely on our patients and community to spread the word about our clinic– thanks for all you do to support the clinic and get the word out about accessible acupuncture!